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ProMOS Technologies ( ProMOS), a leading Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) company, was founded in December 1996. ProMOS designs, develops, manufactures and markets DRAM and other semiconductor memory products.

ProMOS Technologies is renowned in the global DRAM industry for its outstanding performance in technology advancement and manufacturing efficiency. The company operates leading-edge 300mm wafer DRAM manufacturing facilities in Central Taiwan Science Park, Taiwan. At the end of 2009, ProMOS and Elpida Memory started strategic partnership to cooperate in 63 nanometer (nm) process technology. The synergistic relationship combines strengths from both companies; Elpida's DRAM device is among the most cost-competitive product in the industry, pairing well with ProMOS' strength in 300mm manufacturing.

In June 2011, ProMOS and SilTerra Malaysia Sdn Bhd (SilTerra) announced the successful completion of the first joint technology development project to bring SilTerra's advanced 0.13um and 0.11um High-Voltage (HV) process technology for small-panel LCD driver IC applications to ProMOS's 300mm wafer fabrication facilities at Taichung, Taiwan. This project marks the first step of the long-term strategic partnership between ProMOS and SilTerra to leverage on each other's strength to bring together ProMOS's 300mm production scale and advanced manufacturing capabilities and SilTerra's advanced HV technology to enable the fast growing smart phone market.

ProMOS sells and markets its own-branded products "ProMOS" to worldwide first-tier system houses. The company manufactures high-performance and high-density commodity DRAM , SDRAM, Mobile RAM as well as LCD Driver IC products.

Year Founded: 1996
Revenue in 2011: NTD 10.05 billion
Shares Outstanding with effective date: 2.543 billion, Sep. 7, 2010