BLE-Bridge 藍牙橋接器
BLE+WIFI 系統可應用室內監控、多平台管理監控、病患追蹤與管理、防盜及防丟提醒等

BLE-Bridge is a device that can carry messages from bluetooth detection sensors to WiFi. When multiple BLE-Bridge (Nodes) are set on different sites, this system will form a particular Mesh network for instantly and simultaneously transmitting multiple messages from multiple sensors to WiFi, then delivering such messages to cloud databases.

BLE-Bridge 是 BLE+WIFI 透過獨有的 Mesh 網路系統運用場所現有的網路來傳遞人員及物品所配戴之藍牙追蹤裝置與移動裝置或電腦之間的訊息。只需將 BLE+WIFI 裝置連接電源座即可啟用藍牙追蹤網。
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