Alcohol Tester 藍牙呼氣酒測器
自主管理 遠離酒駕

Bluetooth Alcohol Tester
Driving after consuming any alcohol is dangerous. ProMOS’s Bluetooth Alcohol Tester will indicate if your blood alcohol level is above the legal limit for driving a vehicle and can help prevent you from driving under the influence of alcohol.

Cheer and Social
We must reward ourselves at the end of our working week! On Friday nights or any special events, we cannot wait to jump in the car to drive to a bar or restaurant and get together with friends we've not seen for a long time. We share happy things, big or small, with them and complain about unpleasant things in work with colleagues. Every get-together brings us closer to each other, making us realize it's a really happy thing to have each other!

Go Home Safely
Our family cares about our safety, so we must ensure that we can go home safely after drinking alcohol. Drinking and driving is dangerous, and the punishment in each country is quite severe. So how much alcohol is legally allowed for driving? If one drinks just one bottle of beer, will his blood alcohol concentration be excessive?

Easy to Clean
Plastics are used for physical design, with no screws being used. You can use a clean cotton cloth stained with water to wipe on the top of breathalyzer. It should be note that the breathalyzer body is not waterproof, do not directly use the water rinse or soak. Do not use alcohol wipe, too.

The product is made of quite hard plastic materials.  If you bend it by accident, it will not break up. Besides, if you put it and keys together, it will also not be scratched

生活腳步匆促 三五好友話家常,

請珍惜自己、珍愛家人、保障他人 “喝酒不開車,開車不喝酒” 讓生活更美好。
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