ProGuard 究極保鑣
ProGuard 究極保鑣
智能手錶搭配 CAT-M1 通訊技術可及時訊息傳輸,追蹤心率、血氧和 GPS 定位,可搭配系統、APP 或 Line,應用於廣域安全定位、生理資訊追蹤並擁有緊急求救通知、電子圍籬、提醒通知等功能。
1. 整合Cat-M1通訊技術與資通訊系統,並研發專用穿戴裝置與 APP、Web 不受距離限制進行數據監控管理服務系統服務設計。
2. 穿戴裝置含有測量心率、血氧及定位功能,可以接收監控端訊息亦可發送 SOS 求救訊號。
3. 個人數據保留在APP中,系統服務之數據紀錄及合作服務。
4 .可自訂即時監控範圍,不受距離限制可透過裝置配對時遠端關懷親友。

1.     Integrate Cat-M1 communication technology and information communication system to build an unique wearable device, APP and Web for real time data monitoring without time and distance limitation.
2.     By using GPS, it provides a safe positioning and moving track as well as the device also provides monitoring for heart rate and blood oxygen to trace the healthy conditions.
3.     An unique SOS emergency button can improve the rescue efficiency and the most important is to provide a proper rescue within a minimum lead time.
4.     System can detect and alarm in case of the abnormal signal happens, for example, out of safety range.
5.     The Relatives and Friends can know the participant’s conditions through remote connection.
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