ProGuard Watch S2 究極保鑣
ProGuard Watch S2 究極保鑣

如同究極保鑣字面上的意思,我們想藉由智能穿戴,達到用戶感受到 身邊有保鑣一樣,隨時隨地感到安心。

As same as the meaning of ProGuard we would like people to think ProGuard is a trustworthy product. While users wear this smart watch they will feel like a guard protecting them. ProGuard is relieved it can make people feel safe anytime and anywhere.
智能穿戴裝置,具備精準室內 Wi-Fi 定位、戶外 GPS 定位,心率和血氧 量測以及 SOS 求救、訊息雙向推播功能;藉由 CAT-M1 / NB-IoT 蜂巢式物聯網通訊技術,不需要連線智慧裝置即可獨立運作,搭配系統可作廣域安全定位等人員關懷及控管。

Smart wearable device provides accurate indoor positioning with WIFI and outdoor GPS positioning. Also, have heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen level monitoring, SOS Emergency alerts and interactive message function with CAT-M1 / NB-IoT cellular IoT communication technology. It can operate independently without connecting a smart device, as well as it can track long-distance and wide-area real-time security positioning.

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